You can report a change of address for others living at your current address if you move to the same address.

Your change of address will be registered at the earliest on the date you have stated as your actual moving date.

When you move, you can choose a new General Practitioner free of charge.

You will automatically receive a new health insurance card approximately 14 days after your change of address has been registered. Please remember to put your name on your postbox.  


PostNord (the postal service in Denmark) is automatically notified when you report your change of address.

You must notify your employer, bank, subscriptions or memberships, associations, your dentist, etc.



You may report your change of address up to four weeks before moving.

You must report your change of address no later than five days after having moved.

Your moving date is considered to be the date you are actually moving, meaning the day you have moved your belongings and spending the night at your new address. 

In Aarhus Municipality you will receive a fine if you report your change of address later than 14 days after your moving date.

If you no longer live on your address in Aarhus and do not have another address to move into you must notify the National Registration Office (Folkeregisteret) in Aarhus by calling them at 89 40 10 30. The National Registration Office is part of Citizen Service (Borgerservice).


You will receive a fine if you:

  • Do not report your change of address in time - 570 DKK (2022)
  • Fail to submit the requested information about your change of address - 1250 kroner DKK (2022)
  • Submit incorrect information about your change of address - 1250 DKK (2022)

You will receive the fine by digital post. If you are exempted from receiving digital post the fine is sent to you by ordinary mail.

If you are unable to pay the entire amount at once please contact Opkrævningen in Aarhus Municipality at 89 40 33 30. 

You will need to sign up for some services when moving into your new residence. Get an overview at