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Waste and recycling

Sorting your household waste is part of everyday life in Denmark. Much waste is reused which make a difference for the environment and climate.

Photo from a recycling station


    The City of Aarhus adopts the rules for the waste schemes, the fees for the schemes and enforces laws and regulations in the area.

    It is the utility company Kredsløb who is in charge of collecting your waste. 

    Disposing of your household waste

    In the municipality of Aarhus, you must sort your waste and dispose of it in the waste containers where you live. 

    If you live in the city centre, you must use the allocated grey containers in the street. If you live in a villa or terrace house you can get household waste containers 

    You can also dispose of special waste at one of the recycling stations or get your bulky waste collected for free.

    What to do with your waste

    Kredsløb has information in English on: 

    Go to kredslø in English

    As well as information in Danish on:


    Last updated: 26. January 2024