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School-based leisure-time facility (skolefritidsordning, SFO)

From when your child begins in the preschool class until when they finish 3rd grade, they are guaranteed a place in the school’s school-based leisure-time facility (SFO).

Børn på rundgynge på Rundhøjskolen


    The SFO is an offer for after school care and you must sign up your child for it to attend SFO. 

    Your child will attend the school-based leisure time (SFO) after the school day has finished. 

    The SFO is located on the same location as your child's school. 

    The childcare specialists in the school-based leisure-time facility work with the school’s teachers to promote your child’s well-being, learning, development, and all-around education. This creates cohesion and wholeness in your child’s overall schooling.

    In the school-based leisure-time facility, your child has the opportunity to socialise with classmates and other children. Your child can take part in a wide range of activities, both indoors and outdoors.

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    Last updated: 16. February 2024