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The International Employment Unit - personal job search guidance

The IEU helps highly qualified internationals and accompanying partners to international specialists build their careers in Denmark.


    The International Employment Unit is a team under Jobcenter Aarhus.

    We work specifically with highly qualified internationals and accompanying partners to international specialists based in Aarhus who want to continue their careers within the Danish job market.

    Whether you are a newly arrived international job seeker or have been here for years, we are ready to help you in the job market.

    Get personal help in your job search process

    The IEU team is experienced in working with international job seekers and ready to lend support, advice, and guidance that may be helpful in your job search process.

    Our assistance is tailored to the individual, and we strive to work with each candidate to create a job search strategy that meets their precise needs.

    The IEU can assist candidates with:

    • CV Writing.
    • Crafting strong solicited and unsolicited job applications.
    • Job interview coaching.
    • Competency Mapping.
    • Providing insight into how to build and strengthen professional networks and how to contact companies.
    • Provide information on Jobcentre offers, such as company internships and wage-subsidized employment, and assist with these based on eligibility.
    • Sharing knowledge of resources for international job seekers, such as relevant events, seminars, online tools, associations, etc.
    • A wide range of workshops and webinars explicitly designed with the international jobseeker in mind.

    Please send us an email or call to learn how we can help you in your job search. 


    Sign up for free job search webinars

    The webinar catalogue offers inspiration and an overview of various topics that can help improve your job search process.

    All webinars are held in English and are free of charge — all you need is a computer and a good internet connection!

    Check out the catalogue of webinars throughout the fall, 2024

    Last updated: 12. July 2024