Rents in Aarhus Municipality vary depending on the location, size, and general condition of the specific dwelling. You can rent a room, a flat or a single-family house.

In small towns and in the countryside, it is usually easy to find rented accommodation at a reasonable price, whereas in the city center affordable housing can be somewhat harder to find.

You can rent either from a private landlord or a housing association.

There are many housing associations in Aarhus, covering a wide range of flats and single-family houses built with public subsidies. The rent is typically lower than for other types of rental accommodation, but they are often difficult to obtain for foreign nationals because they are usually let out on the basis of a waiting list.

In Danish, the concept “to rent” is “at leje”.

Standard rental contract

A standard rental contract (lejekontrakt) for private letting can be downloaded via the website of the Ministry of Transport and Housing. Choose the contract called Typeformular A:

Standardlejekontrakt (the contract is only in Danish - new window)
Subletting is quite common and for many the first place of residence is often a temporary one.