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Danish apartments and addresses

Find information on how to understand the listing of Danish addresses.


    In Danish the ground floor is called "stuen / st." or in some cases 0.

    The floor above is "første sal" / "1. sal" (1st floor) and so forth.

    Besides the number of km2, the size of an apartment is usually stated by the number of rooms. This number is found by combining the number of bedrooms and the living room - but does not include the kitchen, bathroom, or hallways. 

    Apartment addresses are written as: street name, house number, floor number (st., 1., 2. and so on) followed by the apartment number / the placement of the apartment (th., tv., mf.). Th. means "til højre" / to the right, tv. means "til venstre" / to the left, and mf. means "midt for" / in the middle. 

    Remember to include a postal code and city name, when writing your address, e.g.:

    Jane Johnson
    Bredgade 2, 3. tv.
    8000 Aarhus C





    Last updated: 21. February 2024