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Practicalities when moving into your new home

Find info on water supply, heat, electricity etc when living in Aarhus.


    Gas, electricity, heating, water, and sewage

    Find info on gas, electricity, heating and water supply on


    It can be either Aarhus Vand or a local water plant that provides water for households in the municipality of Aarhus. If your water is delivered by a local water plant you pay for the diversion of wastewater to Aarhus Vand. 

    Find out which water plant delivers your water on


    Reading of meters, TV, internet, and media license

    You will need to sign up for some services when moving into your residence.

    At you will also find information about for example:

    • Reading of meters in a rented residence
    • Voltage and electricity plugs in Denmark
    • TV
    • Getting internet access
    • Mobile phone

    Find info on for instance voltage, TV, internet access etc. on


    Waste and recycling

    Find info on waste and recycling in Aarhus

    Last updated: 21. February 2024