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Do you want to join a mothers' or fathers' /partner group?

As a new mother or father /partner, you can join a mothers’ or fathers'/partner group where you can share your experiences with other parents.


    How to join a mothers’ group or fathers'/partner group

    Usually, you will be asked if you want to join a group during your healthcare nurse’s first visit.

    Once you have expressed interest in joining a group, you will receive a letter in your digital postbox containing the contact information of other parents in the group.

    The healthcare nurse will form the groups administratively but will not be participating in the group.

    Call your healthcare nurse if you have not yet been offered to join a group.

    Have you just moved to Aarhus from another municipality?

    If you are moving to Aarhus Municipality and would like to be in a group, please contact Sundhedsplejen’s main number.

    What happens in the mothers' group or the fathers'/partner group?

    The group typically meets once a week, taking it in turns to host at each other’s homes, or going out.

    It can be a nice respite during the maternity/paternity period to have fun and share experiences with other parents who have children of the same age.

    The group agrees on the time, place, and what will happen.

    Last updated: 24. January 2024