What is Marte Meo?

Marte Meo is a guidance method that helps you to strengthen interaction between you and your child.

When might Marte Meo be relevant for you and your child?

You can talk to your healthcare nurse about being referred to a Marte Meo course if you recognise one or more of the following situations:

  • You find your child difficult to understand.
  • Your child is restless and cries a lot.
  • You wish being with your child was more joyful.
  • Your child has a hard time eating, falling asleep, being bathed.
  • You feel insecure and afraid of not taking action as a parent.
  • Your child needs special support for development.

If you are starting a Marte Meo course, a specially trained healthcare nurse will visit you at home. She records a video clip with you and your child (5-7 min. per visit). The video clip is used to analyse the interaction between you and your child, and to guide you based on this.