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Challenges with a baby on the way or with a small child

Do you experience particular challenges with your child, either as a parent or during your pregnancy? If so, we can help.


    You can get help from Sundhedsplejen to cope with the challenges you’re experiencing with your small child, or while you are pregnant.

    Are you finding pregnancy difficult?

    You can schedule a visit from the healthcare nurse before the birth if you are finding your pregnancy difficult.

    Is it psychologically difficult for you during the pregnancy or after the birth?

    Postnatal depression may affect both men and women. About 10% of all women giving birth - and about 6% of all fathers - experience postpartum depression.

    Did you give birth too early?

    If you gave birth before week 37, you can have a visit from the healthcare nurse. This may be when you are discharged from the hospital, or during the transition from early homestay (tidligt hjemmeophold - THO).

    Do you have breastfeeding problems?

    Talk to your healthcare nurse first if you are having trouble breastfeeding. If the problems continue, you are welcome to call the breastfeeding support (Ammehjælpen), where you can be guided by specially certified breastfeeding counsellors.

    Do you need help interacting with your child? The Marte Meo method can help

    Contact your healthcare nurse if you experience situations in everyday life where interacting with your child is challenging and you need help.

    Do you have a child with a disability or chronic disease?

    You are entitled to special support if your child is born with a chronic disease or a disability.

    Last updated: 24. January 2024