At home, you will receive visits as needed. You will also be offered the opportunity to join premature teams with events for families with premature babies. Ask your healthcare nurse about where and when these events take place.

We use the word ‘premature’ when we talk about children who are born earlier than expected and are therefore immature in terms of their development of organs, etc.

What is a premature team?

  • The team is made up of professionals and other families in your situation.
  • You participate in a course with other families with premature babies.
  • The course is scheduled over 5 meetings.
  • There is a maximum of 12 families per group.

What happens in the premature team?

  • You meet other parents in the same situation once a month.
  • You can share your experiences and meet others who understand your situation.
  • You meet with professionals and gain new knowledge about premature babies.
  • You will gain knowledge about the needs of the premature baby, the parental role and other things that concern you and your baby.
  • Two healthcare nurses with experience from the neonatal ward participate in all events.