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Change of general practitioner (family doctor)

You always have the opportunity to choose another general practitioner (family doctor) who is open to new patients. You may also change your child's general practitioner until they turn 15.


    General Practitioners (GP) in Denmark either have their own medical practice or share a practice with other GPs. You can choose any GP or shared medical practice open to new patients.

    The Danish word for a General Practitioner is "Praktiserende læge".

    You can choose a new doctor digitally for yourself and for your child until the age of 15 on

    Choose a new GP on (using your MitID)

    It is free of charge to change your doctor if:

    • Your current doctor is closing his/her practice.
    • Your current doctor's practice is divided into separat practices
    • You are changing your doctor when moving to a new address.
    • You turn 15 and wish to chance your doctor.

    If none of the above applies to your situation there is a fee of 225 DKK (2024).

    At the platform of the Danish healthcare system,, you can find the GPs that are open to new patients.

    Choose “Behandlere” and next “Praktiserende læge”. Choose “Århus” to get a list of all the GPs in the municipality of Aarhus. If the text says “Åben for tilgang” the GP is open to receiving new patients.

    You can read more about each GP or medical practice by clicking on the name of the GP / practice.

    Find a GP open to new patients at


    When changing your doctor your health care journal can be transferred to your new GP. 

    Read about transferring your health care journal (in Danish) and use the self service solution on 

    Transfer your health care journal on

    Last updated: 22. March 2024