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Children from 0-18 years of age with special needs

If your child has special needs e.g. because of a physical handicap, anxiety, autism, or speech and language difficulties, or reading difficulties you can get help from Pedagogic Psychological Advice (PPR) in the City of Aarhus.


    At PPR we are a team of psychologists, speech and hearing consultants, reading and mathematic consultants as well as special pedagogic consultants.

    We work in close cooperation with schools, institutions, parents, and children aged 0-18 with special needs offering advice and guidance. 

    We prepare a pedagogic psychological assessment of children and youngsters who need special pedagogic focus. 

    We develop the pedagogic environments so the vast majority of children and youngsters can be included in the community in their immediate environment. 

    How to get in touch with us?

    If you have a child with special needs, you can contact your child’s daycare institution or school (public or private) which will then arrange contact to and cooperation with us.

    You may also contact us directly if you need information about how we can help your child. 


    Children and young people with signs of anxiety or depression

    All children and young people can become overburdened, worried, or anxious – it is completely normal. But for some children and young people, it gets out of control. If the anxiety or strain starts to control what a child or young person can and cannot do, there is reason to react.

    Last updated: 25. January 2024