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Work-life balance in Central Denmark - past and present

Get a glimpse into the lives of Andy, Christina and Patrick as they share their experiences of working in Aarhus.
And have a laugh with Thorleif, Erik and the other Vikings as they practice the art of work-life balance.


    Or have a laugh  vikings take on work life balance, organization structure and work environment

    Meet Andy from Scotland

    For Andy work life balance in Central Denmark gives him the opportunity to raise a happy family.

    Meet Christina from Spain

    Christina loves that the well-being of the employees is considered a very important part of Danish work place culture.

    Living in Aarhus, she also she enjoys biking to work, the close proximity to nature, and the great school opportunities for her children. 

    Meet Patrick from Germany

    For Patrick the best decision of his life was to move to Aarhus to study. 

    Looking for new challenges

    Even the Vikings wanted to be seen as individuals - you can too by working in Central Denmark!

    Work smarter - not harder

    When the Vikings invented work-life balance!

    Getting the job done

    Be like the Vikings - enjoy the flat hierarchy of Danish workplace culture!

    Last updated: 26. January 2024