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Networking and having fun as a student

Find inspiration on how to meet international and Danish friends and have fun with your fellow students!


    Are you new in town? Looking for friends and wanting to explore Aarhus? At Aarhus Culture Day you're paired up with other newcomers and sent off to explore a cultural site or leisure activity for free.


    Aarhus Culture Day

    Here, you can hang out with Danish and international students from your own area of education. Have a beer, a soda or a snack and get to know your fellow students. 

    The Friday bars are a great place to meet and socialize, especially in the beginning of the semester, when everyone is open-minded and looking to make new friends.

    Being a volunteer in organizing the Friday bars and events related to the Friday bars is also a great way to really feel a part of your study and the social life at your school / university.  

    At Studenterhus Aarhus, you will meet students from all over the world and participate in a variety of events for you as a student in Aarhus. Studenterhus Aarhus is a private, non-profit organisation for all students at higher education in Aarhus.

    Studenterhus Aarhus manages a café and a bar and hosts a wide range of activities and events every year. Activities include concerts, social & cultural events, bridge building to companies, CV workshops, a running club, academic events and much more.

    Studenterhus Aarhus is an interdisciplinary, intercultural community, where a small staff and 100+ volunteers work together to make Aarhus the best place to be for students in Denmark. You will also find the local Erasmus Student Network, working specifically to make Aarhus a great place to study for international students.


    Go to the website of Studenterhus Aarhus
    Last updated: 21. May 2024