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Finding a place to live

A number of websites may help you find accommodation as a student.


    Starting to look for a place to live as early as possible, before you arrive in Denmark, considerably improves your chances of finding accommodation.

    Some educational institutions offer help in finding accommodation for international students, so ask before trying to find a place on your own.

    StudenthousingAarhus is a collaboration between Kollegiekontoret in Aarhus, the housing organisations in Aarhus, and most of the city's independent halls of residence.

    Go to the website of StudenthousingAarhus

    Kollegiekontoret manages, maintains, and modernises the youth housing estates, one private and four independent halls of residence with a total of approximately 4500 tenancies.

    Go to the website of kollegiekontoret

    AU Housing is a service for students at Aarhus University. They manage a number of rooms in different dorms, housing organisations and private landlords reserved by the university.

    Go to the website of AU Housing
    Last updated: 15. February 2024