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Ukrainian citizens taking up residence in Aarhus

Find information on how to apply for a residence permit, how to get help finding a place to live and how to settle in Aarhus.

Information on this page will be added continously.


    How to apply for a residence permit according to the Special Act

    You can apply for a temporary residence permit as a Ukrainian citizen. 

    Having a residence permit means that you will have certain rights in Denmark including the right to work, the right to get help finding a job and the right to learn Danish for free.

    Please follow the guideline on how to apply on

    In Aarhus, an appointment to have your biometrics (photo of your face and fingerprints) recorded can be booked with:

    • Citizen Service of the Danish Immigration Service (Udlændingestyrelsens Borgerservice):

    Grøndalsvej 1B
    8260 Viby J

    • The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (Styrelsen for International rekruttering og Integration - SIRI):

    Hack Kampmanns Plads 2
    8000 Aarhus C

    Apply for a temporaryresidence permit on (in Ukrainian)

    Do you need help applying for a residence permit?

    If you need help to fill in the application for a residence permit and/or help with booking an appointment with the immigration authorities you can get help here:

    Open Counceling

    Open Counceling: tuesdags and thursdage kl. 10-12 in the hall at Jægergården, Værkmestergade 15B, 8000 Aarhus C

    Aarhus Retshjælp (Aarhus Legal Aid)
    Vester Allé 8C
    8000 Aarhus C
    Telefon: 86 19 47 00
    Wednesday fra 16pm to 19pm

    Gellerupparkens Retshjælp (Gellerupparkens Legal Aid)
    Dortesvej 1, st. th.
    8220 Brabrand
    Monday from 10 am to 14 pm and from 16 pm to 18 pm
    Wednesday from 10 am to 14 pm
    Thusday from 10 am to 14 pm and from 16 pm to 18 pm


    How can I get help while I wait for my residence permit?

    While your application for a residence permit is being processed, you will have the possibility to be accommodated in an asylum center - Center Sandholm. 

    You must show up in person at Center Sandholm on the address below:

    Center Sandholm
    Sandholmgårdsvej 40
    3460 Birkerød


    Go to (in Danish, English and Ukrainian)

    You can also reside privately, with family or friends.

    Aarhus Municipality will not be able to help you with accommodation and social benefits before you have a residence permit.

    What happens after I get my residence permit?

    The Immigration Service will inform you when you are granted a residence permit. In the same letter, the Immigration Service also decides in which municipality in Denmark you will live.

    If you are allocated to live in Aarhus Municipality, you will be contacted by an integration employee from The Integration Department in Aarhus Municipality. You will be contacted within 4 days after you receive the residence permit.

    You can also contact The Integration Department when you have received your residence permit by phone + 45 4185 4077

    Your reception in Aarhus Municipality
    The Integration Department will guide you through important information and the administrative steps to get you settled in Aarhus.

    The Integration Department will help you with:

    • Your address: If you do not already have a place to live in Aarhus you will be offered housing by Aarhus Municipality.
    • Social benefits: You will be able to apply for social benefits from Aarhus if you are not able to provide for yourself.
    • Bank account: You will receive help to get a bank account in Denmark.
    • Finding a job: Jobcenter Aarhus will offer you a program to help you find a job if you do not have one already.
    • Danish: You will be offered Danish Education for free to help you learn Danish.
    • Childcare and school: Your children will be able to access childcare and attend school in Aarhus Municipality.
    • CPR number – your social security number (read more about the CPR number and the Danish healthcare system here)

    Your CPR number (social security number) is already issued by the Danish Immigration Service and stated on your residence permit. Aarhus Municipality will activate the CPR number and register you as having taken up residence in Denmark.

    Required documents:
    For your first meeting with The Integration Department please bring your passport or any identification documents you have – including documents concerning your children.

    If you are in possession of any of the following documents in Danish, English, or German, please bring them as well as it will help to register you correctly:

    • Marriage certificate if you are married - even if your partner is not accompanying you
    • Divorce certificate if you are divorced
    • Death certificate if you are a widow(er)
    • Birth certificate for any accompanying child under 18 (if the relation between the parent(s) and child is not stated in the residence permit)
    • Documents concerning legal custody if you are not married to your child's other parent
    • Written consent from your child's other parent that you can leave Ukraine with your child

    When you have applied for a residence permit according to the Special Act you are entitled to necessary healthcare services in Denmark while your residence permit is being processed. 

    This applies whether you are accomodated privately, by a municipality, or at an asylum center. 

    You must be able to document your right to necessary healthcare services in Denmark while you application is being processed. Your receipt for applying for a residence permit at will serve as documentation. 

    Ukrainians who have received their residence permit are entitled to all healthcare services under the national health insurance scheme as any other citizen registered as living in Denmark. 

    Information from the Danish health authorities

    The Danish Health Authority has produced information about infectious diseases, the health of young children, pregnancy and birth in Denmark, you and your health, and information about vaccination against Covid-19.

    More information from the Danish health authorities

    More information about the Danish healthcare system

    At this page you will find more information (in English) about:

    • Out of hours medical service (if you need to talk to a doctor outside your your family doctor's normal working hours please call Lægevagten at +45 70 11 31 31) 
    • Dental care for children and adults
    • The Accidenct and Emergency department (ER) at Skejby University hospital
    • Where to find more information about the Danish healthcare system

    You can work before you get a residence permit

    Find out which rules apply, if you wish to work before you have obtained a residence permit according to the Special Act. 

    You will also find information about how to apply for a tax card, when you have income in Denmark. 

    Find information about working in Denmark

    Information about the Danish labour market

    You can read about the Danish labour market, where to apply for jobs, and more in both English and Ukrainian at

    When you have received your residence permit and have been allocated to Aarhus Kommune you will get individual help from Jobcenter Aarhus to find a job.

    ForeningsMentor can help your child find a leisure activity

    ForeningsMentor is a project that ensures that all children and young people get the necessary help to start a sports or leisure activity.

    Our voluntary mentors can assist you if you need help to find an association or to understand association activities and how to start training. The mentors will introduce the child and their family to association activities, support and accompany them to activities and help them continue on their own in the association. The target group of ForeningsMentor is children and young people aged 5-17.

    Read more about ForeningsMentor 

    ForeningsMentor is an initiative from the City of Aarhus in collaboration with Danish Save the Children.

    What is an association?

    In an association you can share common interests with others, e.g. football, swimming or gymnastics.

    Denmark has a strong tradition of active participation in associations and there are associations for almost all interests. The vast majority of Danes have been a member of an association at some point in their lives.

    You have to pay a fee to be a member of an association (membership fee). You participate in weekly training with other children of the same age and an instructor is in charge of the programme and in many associations, you will be able to get a free trial lesson in order to see if you would like to participate in this particular activity on a regular basis.

    In Aarhus, there are approx. 1200 associations located across the city.

     Leisure pass

    The City of Aarhus provides a leisure pass to all children aged 3 to 17 from economically disadvantaged families. 

    The total income of the household must not exceed DKK 212,896 a year. The leisure pass can be seen as a gift voucher of DKK 1000 from the association in order for the child to become a member.

    To apply for a leisure pass, the child must have a civil registration number and an address in Aarhus Municipality.

    Please contact Sport & Fritid on tel. +45 89 40 48 26 or


    You can call the Danish Refugee Council to get guidance in Ukrainian from a professional about your reactions to difficult life circumstances. They can also guide you on what to do to feel safe in your new life influenced by radical changes. 

    The phone is open to both children, young people, and adults. 

    For your first conversation you will have the possibility to arrange a longer follow-up conversation.

    The phone is open on weekdays from 9.00 to 10.00 and again from 17.00 to 18.00.

    Phone number: +45  33 73 53 14

    Click here to find out more the help you can get.




    brought your pet from Ukraine to Denmark.Please find information in English on what to do if you have brought your pet from Ukraine to Denmark.

    Once you have received your residence permit, been assigned a social security number and obtained a doctor, you must have created a MitId. With Mitid, you can use many digital self-service solutions as well as create a bank account.

    The integration employee will summon you when you need to have your MitId made. The integration employee will also tell you which ID papers and documents you need to bring with you.

    In general, foreigners will lose their residence permit if they give op their residence in Denmark or stay outside of Denmark for more than six months.

    However, Ukrainians have the possibility to go to Ukraine without any consequences for their residence permit in Denmark if their stay in Ukraine has a “recognized purpose”. This could for example be to engage in Ukrainian military service, humanitarian work, either in affiliation with humanitarian organization or on your own. It can also be to help family or others close to you out of Ukraine.

    Please contact The Immigration Service if you have further questions about your residence permit in Denmark.

    In general, you will not be able to receive social benefits from Denmark, while you are staying abroad. Please give notice to Jobcenter Aarhus before you leave Denmark.

    Last updated: 21. May 2024