In Aarhus Municipality, you must sort your waste and dispose of it in the waste bins where you live. If you live in the city centre, you can use the buried waste bins in the street. You can get a household waste container if you live in a villa or terrace house.

You can also dispose your waste at one of the recycling stations or get your bulky waste collected for free.

At the recycling stations you will find different containers for different kinds of waste.

Find the location and opening hours of the recycling stations in Aarhus as well as information about how to sort your waste at the recycling station by following the link below. 



REUSE is an alternative recycling station. Here, you can donate the items and furniture you no longer need, but still in a good condition, as well as pick up items FOR FREE.

It is an innovative space for recycling, upcycling, progressive waste management, and local circular economy.

Find the location and opening hours of REUSE and information about becoming a volunteer at REUSE by following the links below.


Get you bulky waste picked up - FOR FREE

Your bulky waste will be collected for free at your front door. You just have to book a pick-up in advance and you need to have an address in the city of Aarhus.  

If your items are in good condition and can be used by others then pass it on instead. You can donate your items at the REUSE recycling station.



In the city of Aarhus you must sort your waste. You can dispose of your daily waste in containers at your own home.

Most villas and terrace houses have a container for residual waste and a two-compartment container for recyclable waste. 

Following the link below you will find a digital self-service solution called My Waste (Mit Affald) to:

  • Find out how often your containers will be emptied.
  • Find out how much you must pay to have your containers emptied.
  • Order pick up of your bulky waste.
  • Sign up to get waste containers at your home.

You can also log onto the self-service solution using NemID in order to change the size of your container, order an extra container, repair of a container, and much more.


All households in Aarhus Municipality must sort their waste into glass, plastic and metal, and papir and cardboard.

Following the link below you will find a photo-based overview of how to sort your waste. 



In Denmark, you pay a deposit ('pant' in Danish) each time you buy drinks in cans or bottles with a deposit mark. You can get your deposit back by returning empty cans and bottles using reversed vending machines.

The reversed vending machines are located in your local supermarket. 

Bottles and cans have a deposit mark (pantmærke) on them to let you know that you can deliver them in your local supermarket and get your deposit back.

You can recognize the Danish deposit mark as it always has a series of dots under two arrows in a circle. Different letters in the deposit mark symbol will let you know how much you pay as a deposit and therefore how much you will get back when returning the bottle or can in your local supermarket. 

Get your deposit (pant) back at your local supermarket

When delivering your bottles and cans there are usually two buttons on the reversed vending machine. 

You can choose to push the button that will allow you to get a receipt with the total amount you have paid as a deposit. Give it to the cashier in the store on your way out to get the amount up front or deducted from your purchase in the store. Or push the other button to donate the amount to charity. 

Find more information in English about deposits and where to take your bottles and cans on the website of Dansk Retursystem: