City buses in Aarhus are yellow.

Aarhus has six main bus lines, called A-lines (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, and 6A). The routes of the A-buses are along the main roads and through the most populated areas of the municipality. During rush hours the A-lines depart 6-8 times per hour.

Other city buses depart 2-4 times per hour during rush hour and cover the areas not covered by the A-lines.

Tickets, rates, and itineraries


Regional buses - the blue buses - drive between Aarhus and the surrounding municipalities. Some areas of Aarhus Municipality are covered only by the regional buses. 

Tickets, rates, and itineraries

You can take Letbanen to cities north of Aarhus all the way to Djursland and south of the city to Odder as well as west of the city to Lystrup. More lines are being established.


You can buy your ticket using the following options:

  • With the app from Midttrafik 
  • Ticket machines on board the bus - this is only possible in the yellow city buses (cash only, Danish kroner) 
  • Ticket machines on the letbane platforms 

Always remember to have a valid ticket with you to avoid getting fined during ticket inspection. 

Travel card (Rejsekort)

If you are staying for a longer period or living in Aarhus, you can save money by getting a Rejsekort. Find the different Rejsekort options to suit your travel needs below: