You will receive a letter of referral from Aarhus Municipality by Digital Post offering you to attend the official Danish Education. The course will take place at the language school CLAVIS Sprog og kompetence. 

What does the offer entail?

You are entitled to up to three and a half years of Danish lessons within a five year period. 

Your five year period is calculated from the date you receive the letter of referral, whether you react to the letter or not. 

The three and a half (3 ½) year period is assigned in the form of a clip card with up to 6 clips. Your first clip will be activated

a) when a language school has placed you in a Danish Education and Module, or

b) at the latest two months after the date you receive the letter of referral. The remaining clips on your clip card will subsequently be activated.

It is up to you, whether or not you would like to attend Danish lessons. However, it is important that you respond to the letter within two months whether you wish to be enrolled in the Danish Education, whether you wish to postpone it or whether you do not wish to make use of it as your right to Danish lessons starts when you receive the letter and will keep running whether you decide to attend classes or not. 

You may choose a different language centre than CLAVIS.

Contact the Danish Team, Aarhus Municipality, for more information regarding your options of language schools and in order to repond to the offer of free Danish lessons.  

Deposit and conditions

In order to start your Danish education, you are required to pay a deposit of DKK 2,000 (2021 rate). This deposit is to be paid directly to your chosen language school.

They will also provide you with further information regarding reimbursement of this deposit. Payment of deposit is solely a matter between you and the language school.

The course itself is free of charge. If you are in Denmark as an au-pair (§9j) you do not have to pay the deposit.

Please note that this deposit can be taken from you should you take longer than the allocated time frame to complete the various modules. Should you lose your deposit, you will need to pay a new deposit of 2,000 kr. should you wish to start learning Danish again. 

Further information

Please contact your language school for further information about the official Danish Education: