This is the official website for international citizens living in Denmark. You will find healthcare information about e.g.:

  • The Danish healthcare system
  • Medical treatment
  • Health insurance
  • Nursing homes and eldercare
  • Patients' rights is run by the five regions in Denmark that are in charge of the Danish healthcare sector. Information on is in Danish.

You will find information about e.g.:

  • Vaccination
  • Pregnancy, birth, and maternity leave
  • The free choice of hospital and waiting time for treatment
  • Dentist
  • Psychiatry
  • Complaining about treatment in the Danish healthcare sector
  • The Patient's handbook (Patienthåndbogen) is a digital lexicon containing updated and valid information about symptoms and diseases and how they are treated in Denmark.  
  • Medicine - information about different types of medicine, about purchasing medicine in Denmark, subsidies when purchasing medicine, and side effects.
  • Your Covid19 test result