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Acute illness, injuries and emergencies

Are you suffering from acute illness or an injury? Which healthcare service to call depends on the severity of your situation and when it happens.


    Call 1 1 2 in the event of serious injury or life-threatening illness.

    You will be put through to a healthcare worker who will ensure you get help - for instance by sending an ambulance.

    On weekdays from 8.00 to 16.00:

    Call your own General Practitioner (GP/ family doctor). The phone number is stated on your yellow healt´h insurance card.

    Your GP will asses your situation and can refer you to the A&E Department - Accident and Emergency Department (Skadestuen)

    Have your CPR number ready when calling (can be found on your yellow health insurance card)

    Always bring your yellow health insurance card (sundhedskort) or the health insurance card app to an appointment in the Danish healthcare system.


    On weekdays from 16.00 to 8.00, at weekends and on public holidays (your GP is closed):

    Call the emergency doctor service (Lægevagten) on tel. 70 11 31 31

    When your GP is closed you can call the ermergency doctor in case of acute ilness or injury - for instance:

    • If you suddenly get ill
    • Illness that cannot wait until your GP opens
    • A sudden aggravation of illness

    The emergency doctor will assess what needs to happen depending on your situation.

    If the emergency doctor believes you should show up in person at the emergency doctor service you will be informed about the waiting time. If the waiting time is long you can wait at home without loosing your place in the queue. 


    Aarhus Universitetshospital
    Palle Juul-Jensens Boulevard 161
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    The A&E Department (Skadestuen)

    The A&E department - the Accident and Emergency Department - will receive you if you have suffered an injury within the past 24 hours. For instance if you:

    • Have cut yourself or fallen and in need of stitches
    • Have been burned
    • Has a foreign object in your eye or nose

    You cannot contact the A&E department directly.

    You must have a referral to the A&E Department from your GP or the emergency doctor, when your GP is closed. Therefore, you must always contact your GP or the emergency doctor before arriving at the A&E Department.


    Aarhus Universitetshospital
    Palle Juul-Jensens Boulevard 161
    Indgang J3, Plan 2
    8200 Aarhus N

    Last updated: 12. February 2024