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MitID, Digital Post and NemSMS

Denmark is one of the most digitised countries in the world. MitID and Digital Post are the cornerstones of the digital Denmark.


    MitID is your personal secure digital login. It is connected to your individual CPR number.

     MitID is primarily and app which allows you to use the same login to:

    • Use public online self-service solutions
    • Access your Digital Post from public authorities and private companies - for instance your insurance company, utility company, pension fund and more.
    • Online banking
    • Verify your identity on a range of public and private websites
    • Sign documents digitally

    Your MitID is personal and must not be shared with others. 

    If you do not have a smartphone there are alternatives to using MitID. Ask Citizen Service (Borgerservice) about your possibilities at  89 40 22 22.

    Read more about MitID at

    Are you experiencing problems with your MitID?

    Find videos, guides and more in English about MitID on

    MitID when moving to Aarhus from abroad

    Please find a guide on how to obtain MitID when taking up residence in Aarhus / Central Denmark via International Citizen Service West in the step guides for Nordic, EU, and non-EU citizens.

    Almost all post from public authorities in Denmark is sent digitally. It is called Digital Post and you access your personal digital postbox using your MitID.

    You receive Digital Post once you have a CPR number.

    It is very important that you check your digital postbox on a regular basis.

    You can access your Digital Post from public authorities on or once you have a CPR number and MitID. Find your digital postbox by clicking the envelope symbol in the top right corner.

    Your digital postbox on is also available as an app. Search for 'Digital Post' were you find your apps. 

    Go to

    You may also choose to create a digital postbox on or Here you can receive post from public authorities as well as Digital Post from private companies such as your power supplier, your insurance company and others as Digital Post. and are also available as apps. 

     If you need help with Digital Post, Citizen Service (Borgerservice) is ready to help you at  89 40 22 22.

    NemSMS is a text message service reminding you of your appointments with public authorities. 

    NemSMS only supports Danish telephone numbers (country code +45).

    Find more info on NemSMS on


    Last updated: 27. May 2024