In case your household's total income is higher or lower, your free or subsidised childcare place - and therefore also your payment - will be regulated in the months where your income has changed in relation to your license.

With the annual readjustment, there are no limits to how high or how low the income must be, in order for it to be regulated.


If you are self-employed, there will be no automatic changes to your free or subsidized childcare place during the year, but only with the annual readjustment.

In case your income is significantly higher or lower than the income on which you based your application, your free or subsidized childcare place will be regulated. This can be for example via particular technical tax deductions or via bigger profits or smaller deficits.


If you get married or start cohabitating, you must immediately notify the Placement service and Pupil administration (Pladsanvisning og Elevadministration). It is not enough that Udbetaling Danmark or other departments in the municipality are informed.

If you do not notify us, there will be a regulation of your free or subsidized childcare place at a later point in time.

If you want to read more about annual readjustment, you can find dagtilbudsloven (the Day-Care Facilities Act) at