We offer three schemes:

  • Part-time daycare: 25 hours per week.
  • Part-time daycare: 30 hours per week for parents on leave according to the law on maternity leave
  • Full-time daycare: 51,5 hours per week.

You pay for the number of hours you choose. The rate for daycare 25 hours per week is thus lower than the rate for 30 hours per week.

You must ensure to choose a scheme when you accept an offer of a place for your child.

NOTE: It is not possible to choose between part-time and full-time care if your child is taken care of by a childminder (dagpleje).

Information regarding part-time and full-time daycare

If you choose a part-time daycare offer, you have to submit a timetable to the relevant daycare institution with the hours you would like daycare for. You must inform the daycare institution of your child’s arrival and departure times at the institution with at least one month's notice and you must set up a timetable that spans two weeks.

An example:

By March 1st, you must have submitted a daycare timetable for April 1st to April 15th and one by March 15th at the latest, for a daycare timetable spanning April 16th to April 30th.

The daycare institution plans staff working hours according to when the children are present. Therefore, it is important that you adhere to the agreed daycare arrival and departure times.

You can place the hours you would like daycare for in a two-week-plan if you do not need the same number of hours every week e.g. 16 hours in one week and 34 hours in another week. The hours must be placed in a two-week plan and it is not possible to place the hours in for instance a three-week plan instead. Also, it is not possible to save hours that are not used in the two-week plan for later. 

An example:

For example, a timetable could look like this:

• Week 1 (16 hours)
o Monday and Tuesday: 8.00 - 12.00
o Wednesday: fixed day off
o Thursday and Friday: 8.00 - 12.00

• Week 2 (34 hours)
o Monday to Wednesday: 8.00 -15.00
o Thursday: 8.00 - 16.00 
o Friday: 8.00 - 13.00

The arrival and departure times are the times during which you are in the daycare institution.  This means that the time you spend in the daycare institution with your child during drop-off and pick-up also counts.

If you or your partner are taking leave pursuant to the Danish maternity benefit act (barselsloven) (i.e. primarily wage/salary earners on maternity/paternity leave), e.g. with respect to a younger child, you will be entitled to 30-hour part-time childcare, should you desire this.

Please note that the rate for 30 hours is higher than the 25-hour rate.

Should you desire a part-time scheme of 30 hours instead of 25 hours, you must be able to substantiate that either you or your partner are taking leave pursuant to the maternity benefit act. You cannot make use of the 30-hour scheme if your maternity/paternity leave is taken in pursuance of different legislation.

If you wish to make use of the 30-hour childcare scheme, you must contact the childcare facility which your child attends and request the change.

Please note that your application must comprise one or more types of documentation for absence pursuant to the maternity benefit act:

Documentation for self-employed

  • Maternity scheme from Udbetaling Danmark with documentation of the payment of maternity/paternity pay

Documentation for wage/salary earners

  • A maternity/paternity scheme as agreed with your employer concerning the way in which maternity leave will be taken after childbirth
  • If the parental leave is shared between the parents, each parent must submit documentation of own maternity/paternity period
  • A solemn declaration or other written agreement with your employer

Documentation for parents on cash/unemployment benefits

  • Acknowledgement by the City of Aarhus benefits centre (Aarhus Kommune Ydelsescenter) concerning childbirth and exemption from the duty of availability

If you only desire a 25-hour part-time scheme, you apply for this at the childcare facility, and you need no documentation of parental leave. See for instance under the heading ”How do I change my daycare hours?"


You cannot save hours up if you keep your child at home on a day when your child should have been in daycare, according to the timetable.

Also, you cannot save up hours when your child is on holiday, if your child is sick, if there are public holidays or the institution is closed because of holidays.

If you choose full-time daycare, you are not obliged to submit a timetable to the relevant daycare institution. But, it helps us when planning staff hours so it's a big help if you do decide to submit one.

You can set the times as you wish, as long as they are within the daycare institution’s opening hours.

If you are waiting for a daycare offer and want to change the hours in which you require daycare:

Then you must log on to the Digital Childcare Place Allocation application (Digital Pladsanvisning) using your MitID and change the hours in which you require daycare. 

If your child is already in daycare:

Then you must contact your daycare institution. You can always change your daycare hours with 2 months' notice before the 15th or the last day of the month.