In 2017, a unique and exceptional volunteer programme saw the light of day when Aarhus was designated as European Capital of Culture. Today, the ReThinker volunteers make up an invaluable resource for the city, a strong brand for Aarhus and source of great local pride.

As a ReThinker, you get to be part of a very special community where we support the city’s cultural organizations, events, and projects with different tasks.
It is entirely up to you how often and how much of your time you wish to give. There may be periods, where you are very actively involved, and others where you are not – and you only sign up for the opportunities that you find interesting.

A unique opportunity

The uniqueness of being a ReThinker volunteer at VisitAarhus is that you get to contribute to the development and visibility of Aarhus as an attractive and accommodating destination. You will also help give thousands of tourists and guests, visiting the city every year, an amazing experience of hospitality and friendliness which they will not soon forget. A value that is engrained in the identity of Aarhus.

Do you want to become part of the community and make Aarhus an even more fantastic city according to our motto: 'A great place to live is a great place to visit'? Then sign up to become a ReThinker!

Choose freely between meaningful opportunities

New events, tasks, and trips, which you can sign up for as a volunteer, pop up all the time. You can learn more about the many exciting opportunities by reading our ReThinker Newsletters (available in both Danish and English), at our Speed Meeting events (which are held in Danish) – or get in touch at 

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ReThinkers have helped at many events, such as: 

  • Welcoming hosts at cruise ship arrivals
  • DANISH+ • LitteraturXchange
  • The Tall Ships Races
  • Læsningens Dag
  • Skole OL
  • Natural History Museum
  • Opera i Parken
  • Ridehuset Swinger
  • Spor Festival
  • U-Days
  • Fanzone at the Football World Cup
  • The Ocean Race
  • Aarhus City Welcome
  • Aarhus Festuge
  • Classis Race
  • Red Cross – helping young homeless people
  • Sailing World Championships
  • Film i Skoven
  • Holiday camp for Greenlandic children
  • Fritter, Fadøl og Forestilling
  • Food Festival
  • The Royal Theatre – extra in Kong Arthur
  • Kong Arthur theatre performance at Moesgaard Museum
  • and many more…

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