Everyone who lives in Denmark is required to have a civil registration number called a CPR number.

Having a CPR number means that you are covered by the Danish health insurance scheme. You also need it to open a bank account, access your health insurance, borrow books from the library, pay tax, receive a salary and so on.

Facts about the CPR number

  • The CPR number consists of ten digits. The first six digits are your date of birth (day, month and year) while the last four digits provide a unique identification number for all citizens in Denmark. The final four numbers also indicate your gender, ending in even numbers for women and odd numbers for men.
  • You can only obtain a CPR number after you arrive in Denmark
  • You will receive a yellow health card (sundhedskort) approximately 2 weeks after you are registered in the Civil Registration System (CPR system)
  • You can apply for a NemID in connection to your CPR registration.

If you already have an administrative CPR number (a tax number), or have a CPR number from a previous stay in Denmark you should not apply for a CPR number online.

Instead, you must click on the link below and follow the guide. 


No.You always need to have an appointment.

Please call us at +45 89401040 if you need help to book an appointment.

If this is your first time applying for a CPR number you must have applied for a CPR online before you appear at Dokk1.

If you do not have a Danish phone number, you can type in 8 digits e.g. your birthday or another combination you can remember.

When you arrive for your appointment with Citizen Service at Dokk1, you must type in the 8 digits at the check-in stand in the arrival area.

You need the reservation number to check-in when you arrive at Citizen Service at Dokk1. You have received an email containing your reservation number. Check your spam filter, in case the email is not in your inbox.

If you still can’t find the email please call Citizen Service (Borgerservice) at +45 89 40 10 40 or send us an email at icswest@aarhus.dk. Tell us your full name and the date and time you have booked the appointment. We will then find your reservation number in the system.

We can always find your online registration, if you bring your ID when you show up at Citizen Service at Dokk1. Please do not apply again.

You will automatically be registered as having left Denmark, on the date of departure you have provided us with. 

When you are registered in the Civil Registration System (CPR) as having left Denmark, you simultaneously lose your social security in Denmark.

It is therefore important that you contact us at +45 89 40 10 40 so that we can cancel or change your date of departure. 

When you show up at Citizen Service at Dokk1 to get the CPR-number, you need to bring the physical document (not on your phone) and tell us that you haven’t uploaded it, then we will do it.

If you leave Denmark earlier than expected you must report your departure at lifeindenmark.dk using your NemID.


Yes you can. 

When you finish your registrations for a CPR number with Citizen Service you will be allocated a general practitioner. 

You will take a temporary health insurance card in the form of a document with you, when you leave Citizen Service.

The document will hold the name, telephone number and the address of your GP.

Bring the document in case you need to visit your GP, go to a specialist, a dentist or to the hospital. 

The temporary health insurance card looks like this:

Picture of temporary health insurance card

If you do not have your name on your postbox, the card will be returned to Citizen Service at Dokk1.

Come by Citizen Service to pick it up. We will keep the yellow card up to 6 months. If we no longer have your card, you will need to pay for a new one.


It is very important that your name is correctly spelled. Call Citizen Service at +45 89 40 10 40. We will make sure that you receive a new card with a correct spelling of your name.