Social media

LinkedIn is very popular in Denmark. Make sure that you have an updated profile to provide potential employers with a good sense of your background and skills.

You can find many groups for internationals looking for jobs on Facebook. These will often have job postings from smaller workplaces.

Hand out your CV in stores, cafés, bars, and restaurants

However, before you hand a random staff member your CV, make sure to ask them how to apply for a job. Many brand stores or cafés have an online system for job applications, and a CV on paper handed to the staff might not reach the manager in charge of hiring. 

Ask people you know

More than often people find jobs through their personal networks. So ask your friends, classmates, or other students if they know of any places that are hiring. Let people know what kind of experience you have so that they will keep you in mind if something opens up. 

Check out the companies' websites

Positions in retail, bars, and hotels might be posted on the company website - that goes for larger chains in particular. 

You can also send unsolicited applications to smaller companies. Include a short description of how you can help the company if hired.