A student job in Denmark can e.g. be a part-time job within the service sector, a student job at your faculty or within the field of employment you wish to work in after university. Regardless the nature of your employment it's never bad to bolster your CV with a student job. 

Besides the benefits of work experience and funding for your everyday life, your student job is also a great way to meet people, acquire skills in Danish and learn about Danish work culture. 

As finding a student job can be challenging, it's best to plan your finances so that you are able to support yourself without a job the first semester.

Check out the links below to find information on rules for working in Denmark as a student and links to hunting down a student job. And also: ask around - many jobs are found through your network!

Depending on the type of student job you're looking for, you will find inspiration on what to do below.

Social media

LinkedIn is very popular in Denmark. Make sure that you have an updated profile to provide potential employers with a good sense of your background and skills.

You can find many groups for internationals looking for jobs on Facebook. These will often have job postings from smaller workplaces.

Hand out your CV in stores, cafés, bars, and restaurants

However, before you hand a random staff member your CV, make sure to ask them how to apply for a job. Many brand stores or cafés have an online system for job applications, and a CV on paper handed to the staff might not reach the manager in charge of hiring. 

Ask people you know

More than often people find jobs through their personal networks. So ask your friends, classmates, or other students if they know of any places that are hiring. Let people know what kind of experience you have so that they will keep you in mind if something opens up. 

Check out the companies' websites

Positions in retail, bars, and hotels might be posted on the company website - that goes for larger chains in particular. 

You can also send unsolicited applications to smaller companies. Include a short description of how you can help the company if hired. 



International Company Day

Every autumn Aarhus Jobcenter and a number of partners host the International Company Day at Aarhus Rådhus. Here you'll have the opportunity to meet the companies in and around Aarhus who are looking for talented international students and graduates. 

Aarhus University guidance

Aarhus University offers a range of guidance and information directed toward students looking for student jobs, internships, thesis collaborations with companies or jobs as a graduate. Find more information here. 

Your (international) students counsellor

Your higher school of education may also be able to guide you towards where to find more information on relevant student jobs or internships within your field of study as well as events on company dating. 

Websites for your job search

www.workindenmark.dk is the official Danish website for international recruitment. The site offers information on how to find a relevant student job, how to write an application, what to do in a job interview, etc. The site also has a job and CV bank. Work in Denmark also has an office at the International Citizen Service West at the river in Aarhus. Find their contact information on the website.

https://www.studenterhusaarhus.dk/en/jobportal-3/ is run by Studenterhus Aarhus. The site offers a number of postings in Danish and English for trainees, internships, student workers, and volunteering. 

https://jobbank.au.dk/da/ is Aarhus University's job- and project bank for students and graduates.