Bicycle paths and routes

You are allowed to go by bike in most of Aarhus, as a form of transportation from A to B, or for taking a trip to the countryside, the forest, or your favourite beach. 

In the city center, you should take a look at the blue signs at the beginning and end of the shopping streets. If the sign states 'Kørsel tilladt' you are allowed to use your bike. 

Please know that in the city center, some streets are one-way. Look out for the signs "Ensrettet" and the arrowing signalling in which way the traffic flows. 

Basic bicycle rules

Follow the rules below to have a safe and enjoyable cycling experience in Aarhus:

  • Always use a bike lane
  • Keep to your right
  • Avoid riding side-by-side with another cyclist.
  • Never ride your bike against the flow of traffic.
  • Get off your bike and walk on pavements or pedestrian crossings. It is illegal to bike in any pedestrian area, including in pedestrian crossings, or on a sidewalk. You can walk alongside your bike on the pavement.
  • You are only allowed to carry another person on a one-person bike if it's a child in a child's seat.
  • Talking on your mobile phone is prohibited while riding your bike.
  • Put on your bike lights after dark so that others may see you and you avoid getting fined. A white light at the front and a red light at the back are required
  • It is illegal to make a direct left turn at an intersection. Ride straight across to the opposite right corner of the intersection, stop, and wait for the traffic light to turn green before you go
  • Give way to pedestrians at intersections, traffic lights, and bus stops

Signalling when riding a bike

  • Always use hand signals in order to show your intent to cars, other cyclists, and pedestrians when riding your bike.
  • When turning left, look over your shoulder to see if it's safe to turn, and then extend your left arm straight out from your body.
  • When turning right, extend your right arm straight out from your body to turn right.
  • When stopping, raise your left hand shortly before you come to a standstill.
  • Look over your left shoulder before you overtake other cyclists