• Read the contract carefully and make sure it describes the specific terms and conditions clearly.
  • You will typically have up to three months' notice to terminate the lease, which applies to both the landlord and yourself as a tenant
  • A deposit is usually required. Normally one month’s deposit for a room and three months’ deposit for a flat. Whether you get the full deposit back depends on the condition of the flat when you move out.
  • Do not pay any deposit in advance without having a contract
  • Normally, utilities such as heating, water, and gas are not included in the rent. If they are, it will be specified.
  • Check the room/flat/house personally before signing the rental contract
  • You must report any defects in the flat no later than 14 days after you have taken it over. Otherwise, you may have to pay for the defects yourself.

A standard rental contract for private letting can be downloaded via the website of the Ministry of Transport and Housing. Choose the standard contract called Typeformular A: