Once you have your first child

You will receive an invitation to a baby meeting from your local dental clinic when your child is approx. 8 months old. NOTE: Due to the current corona situation, it may take a little extra time before you hear from us. 

Baby meetings are held in Danish, but some clinics carry out meetings in English upon request. 

Children born today have a good chance of reaching 100 years of age. This means that it is of lifelong importance that you encourage good dental care habits in your child, right from the start.

At the baby meeting, we will show you how to brush your baby’s teeth.

You can also get answers to questions such as:

  • When do teeth start appearing?
  • How much toothpaste should you use for your child?
  • How much sugar can small children have?
  • How can pacifiers affect teeth?
  • What can you do if your child damages their teeth?

Meet other parents

We usually invite 4-5 families to a baby meeting. This allows you to share ideas and tips with other parents.