If you fall ill or suffer an injury outside your own GP’s normal opening hours, you can call the out-of-hours medical service – if the problem cannot wait until your own GP is available.

A doctor will answer your phone call, and either:

• You will get a consultation on the phone
• You will be asked to come for a consultation at an emergency service centre
• Or – in special emergencies – a doctor will come and visit you in your home.

In many cases, you will be asked to contact your own GP for a consultation.

The out-of-hours doctor can, among other things, prescribe medicines, refer you to an accident and emergency department or admit you to hospital.

The out-of-hours doctor will be able to assist you more quickly if you have your national health insurance card ready and if you have taken your temperature if you suspect you are running a fever.

Contact information

The out-of-hours medical service in the Central Denmark Region can be reached at 70 11 31 31