Your child is called in by the school healthcare nurse at the following intervals:

NB: note that the numbers below indicate the class numbers in the Danish school system.

  • Class 0: Your child will be measured, weighed, and have their eye vision and hearing tested. In-school conversation about how your child is thriving. It is important that you as a parent participate
  • Class 1: Your child will be measured and weighed
  • Class 3: Your child will be measured and weighed, and group discussion about wellbeing, talking about illness, divorce, and alcohol problems in the family
  • Class 4-5: Puberty education, healthy lifestyle, wellbeing, and bullying
  • Class 6: Your child will have a health interview, will be measured, weighed, and visually tested
  • Class 8: Sex education
  • Class 9: School interview, measured, weighed and hearing tested

If your child has special needs

All children may at times need special support about health. Contact the healthcare nurse to make special appointments.

You can contact the school healthcare nurse via Skoleintra or directly by phone. Find the number of your school healthcare nurse here.