The visit lasts approximately one hour, Monday-Friday between 8am-4pm.

During all visits, the healthcare nurse examines your child and talks to you about the things you find important. The healthcare nurse will also look at your child's emotional and social development.

The healthcare nurse visits you when your child is 5 days old, at most. You will be visited by the healthcare nurse 4-5 times in the child's first year.

If there are special challenges in your family, you can get extra visits.

If needed, contact can continue after your child reaches one year old, with up to 3 visits per. year. Read more about special services.

During the home visit, the healthcare worker examines your child's social and emotional development. We look at the child's interaction with you, and at how your child interacts with the healthcare nurse.

Your child will thrive emotionally and socially if the child can form close and secure relationships, if they explore their surroundings and if they learn new things.

Signs of social and emotional wellbeing in your child

  • Your child shows on the outside how they feel inside, with expressions of anger, joy, being sad, etc.
  • The child responds positively to touch, different facial expressions and other forms of contact.
  • Your child is curious and interested.
  • You and other close adults mostly experience having a positive relationship with your child.

As a parent, you can provide your child with a positive environment that promotes the child's wellbeing. You do this by observing your child's needs and adapting your expectations and requirements to the child's age level and expected developmental markers.

How to stimulate your child's wellbeing

  • Put into words what your child is doing, what your child is looking at and what emotions they are showing.
  • Prepare your child for what is about to happen.
  • Talk about what you are doing.
  • Allow room for your child to respond.
  • Remain calm, even if your child is restless.

In Aarhus Municipality, the healthcare nurse uses the ADBB method to study your child's social and emotional development.

About ADBB

ADBB is an evidence-based method. We use it to observe the social and emotional development of children under two years of age.

The healthcare nurse uses ADBB to study how your child seeks contact with her (a stranger). This provides a snapshot that is part of the healthcare nurse’s assessment of the child's development.

Feel free to ask your healthcare nurse if you want to know more.