Information from the authorities

Find information in English about COVID-19, the status of the epidemic, symptoms and about vaccinations at the website of the Danish Health Agency. 

Find all rules and regulations as well as information about travel restrictions in English at 

Find information from the City of Aarhus on COVID-19 in different languages.

Get tested for COVID-19

Book an appointment for a PCR-test at using your NemID (in Danish)

Find the test result of your PCR test at when you have a Danish CPR number (in Danish).

Find out how to get a PCR test without a CPR number on the website of the Central Denmark Region (Region Midtjylland) (i Danish). 

Sign up as a user on to get your results from a PCR test, if you do not have a CPR number (Danish social security number).

Find the locations and opening hours for having a quick test in Aarhus. You need a Danish CPR number. 

Vaccination against COVID-19

You can find extensive information in English about the rollout of vaccinations on the website of the Danish Healthcare Agency. 

Find out when you will be offered to get a vaccine. You will receive the vaccination offer in your digital postbox or by post.