Events for children and parents at Dokk1

You may find a number of recurring events for you and your child at Dokk1. Joining the events is a great opportunity for you to meet other internationals and Danes living in Aarhus. 

You may find events for children of every age. For instance:

  • UIC International Playgroup
  • Dad's playgroup (Fars legestue)
  • Open house at the Healthcare (Åbents hus i Sundhedsplejen)
  • Children Days at Dokk1 (Børnedage på Dokk1)
  • Movies for the youngest (film for de yngste)
  • Creative Workshops (KREA værksted)
  • Fortnite Club (Fortnite Klub
  • Philosofy Club for Children (Filosofiklub for børn)
  • Technology Club (Teknikklub)
  • Pokémon Club (Pokémon Klub)
  • Chess at the Ramp (Skak på Rampen)
  • Storybook reading in Spanish