Get an intercultural acquaintance or maybe even a new friend across age, gender and national background while you gain better knowledge of the culture and leisure scene of your new city!

Who will join you on your adventure? And where will you go? To ARoS, Den Gamle By (The Old Town) or maybe to a sports' or leisure club? You won’t know before you're sent off!

The tours start from Dokk1.

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Kulturkammerater / Culture Buddies is organized by Studenterhus Aarhus and Citizen Service, Aarhus Municipality.

Aarhus Culture Day

Once a year Kulturkammerater / Culture Buddies invites close to 300 newcomers to a day of culture where you can experience something unique in Aarhus. Where will you go? That’s a surprise, but we promise it’s going to be great.

We'll meet up at Dokk1 where we will divide you into groups. Each group will receive tickets for a cultural experience in the city. Maybe you know it already, maybe it’s completely new to you. When your cultural journey is over, you can join a social activity together with all the other participants.