GENLYD makes it easy for you to meet new people. Right now more than 2200 are active on looking for others to share experiences.

At you will find an online bulletin board with invitations from private individuals, clubs and associations. Invitations can be in both English and Danish and you are also welcome to put up your own invitation (in Danish or English).

One you have created a profile at you can write your own posts or respond to invitations from others. It is free to create a profile, and you can opt-in for notifications when invitations that match your interest are put up on the bulletin board. 

GENLYD is an initiative by Aarhus Municipality aiming towards facilitating communities for everyone.

Need help getting started with

If you need a hand creating a profile, want to learn more about or how to get started posting invitations, the community facilitator at, is ready to help you.

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