The events and initiatives organized by the UIC aim to promote knowledge sharing and networking among the participants.

Furthermore, the UIC aims to provide professional and personal tools and offer newcomers a comprehensive toolbox of information and resources for a smooth transition to Aarhus and Danish society.

Every semester the UIC offers several events and seminars, including social gatherings, excursions, information evenings and other cultural experiences.

These events and services are organized for Aarhus University's international staff, including academic staff, PhD students, guest researchers, international guests and their accompanying family members. Danish researchers and their families are always welcome to participate in all of our activities.

Contact and further information

The upcoming UIC events are available on the main website. Furthermore, you can sign-up to receive the bi-weekly newsletter and follow continual updates on the UIC Facebook Page.

For any enquiry, please contact the UIC coordinator at Aarhus University.

What if you are not affiliated with Aarhus University?

The UIC works in close collaboration with International Community and the City of Aarhus, meaning many of the events are open for all internationals in the city.


Seminar organized by the UIC

The UIC playgroup at Dokk1

UIC social event