You can use the NemID app for the exact same purposes as you use the NemID code card. 

You must download the NemID app to your smartphone or tablet and activate it using your NemID code card. Please download the app before you run out of codes on your code card as you will need two codes from the card to activate the app.

Benefits from using the app

  • You approve your logon to self-service solutions, online banking, etc. by swiping instead of having to type in a code
  • You will never run out of codes
  • You will always have NemID with you on your phone
  • You can use the NemID app for all the same purposes as you have used the code card
  • You can still use your code card even when you have downloaded the app
  • It is free

A secure logon

It is just as safe using the NemID app as using the code card.

Transitioning from NemID-app to MitID-app

Throughout 2021 and 2022 NemID will gradually be replaced by MitID. All citizens in Denmark who have NemID must transition to MitID. You will be able to use MitID for everything that you have used NemID for - net banking, your digital postbox, your digital signature, etc. 

Some users of NemID will receive a notification on their Nem-app requesting them to scan their passports. To do so, you must have a Danish passport and a phone that can scan it. Citizens who do not have a Danish passport should disregard this request and wait to receive a letter in their digital postbox from Digitaliseringsstyrelsen with a guide on how to update the necessary ID information to transition to MitID (you will receive a physical letter if you are exempted from receiving digital post).