All municipal schools in the municipalities in East Jutland have an after-school club, also known as the SFO (Skolefritidsordning).

Open to all children in grade 0-3, the after-school clubs look after children once lessons have finished for the day. Membership of the after-school club is voluntary and is paid for by the parents. Children attending the after-school club are supervised.

The after-school clubs focus on supporting the development of your child’s personal, social and cultural competencies.

There is also a club after school open to children in grade 4.

Friendships and activities
In the after-school clubs, children have ample opportunity to play with their friends and cultivate new friendships, while their imagination and creativity are stimulated through enjoyable activities and games both indoors and out.

The after-school clubs have facilities which are dedicated to leisure time activities, but the clubs can also use other rooms and facilities at the schools.