Our schools share the philosophy that children are different and learn in different ways. Your school will therefore plan its teaching to address all the challenges that children face.



  • Consider whether your child can manage practical things themselves or whether there are some things they need to practise.
  • Support your child in concentrating for longer periods, e.g. by drawing, doing puzzles or reading aloud to your child.
  • Reading aloud helps to develop your child’s language, especially if you discuss what the book is about with them. Good spoken language is the foundation for your child’s learning. If your child has good language, they will find it easier to participate in games and other social activities.

Your child’s starting at school can be deferred if their development warrants it.

If you have spoken with your daycare centre about your child possibly waiting to start school, you can apply for a deferment in the enrolment period from begining of October to the bigining of January.

Outside the enrolment period, you should contact the school.

If your child has Danish as a second language, he or she may need support with developing their Danish language in connection with starting school.

Click here to read about starting school with Danish as a second language.