As a parent of a schoolchild, you can expect that:

  • Your child will be safe at school.
  • Your child will receive a good academic education.
  • You will be informed about matters that affect your child’s schooling.
  • You will be listened to.

The school will expect of you that:

  • You show an interest in and support your child’s schooling.
  • You keep up to date on Aula and participate in school-home conversations and meetings.
  • Your child turns up to school on time, rested and fed.
  • Your child speaks and shows appropriate behaviour to others, including on digital platforms.

In addition, the school expects that:

  • You and the teacher will make contact with each other if you have questions or experience problems.
  • You and the teacher will be loyal when speaking about each other.
  • The parents and the school will work together to take care of the class’s social life.