Denmark has a long tradition of children and young people receiving after-school care. This has a big influence on their development, learning, and well-being.

From the age of 10 to the age of 17, your child can participate in activities that interest them, such as sewing, cooking, table tennis or excursions.

There are free-time clubs, youth clubs, and youth school classes across Aarhus Municipality.

At free-time clubs, youth clubs, and youth school, your child will make friends through a range of activities. In addition, because the common language is Danish, they will learn Danish in a natural setting.

The free-time clubs, youth clubs, and youth school classes are hosted by Ung i Aarhus, which is part of the Department of Children and Young People (Børn og Unge) in the City of Aarhus.

Below you will find the different types of after-school services according to age as well as information about enrolment and fees.

You can also find more information about all the services for children and young people in Aarhus organised by UngiAarhus at (in Danish).

Does your child have special needs?

Contact Ung i Aarhus at to learn more about how your child can enroll for a free-time club, youth club, or youth school.