The kindergarten at Aarhus International School is amongst the private day care offers in Aarhus.

If you wish for your child to attend a private daycare you need to contact the institution directly.

Private daycares administer their own waiting list and have their own criteria for admission. Therefore, the municipality cannot allocate a place in a private daycare. 

The municipality is obligated to inspect the private day care institutions on a regular basis.

Type in your address or the name of the day care institution below to find a private day care near you. 


What does a place at a private daycare cost?

The rates for private daycare institutions will vary and they send invoices directly to the parents. 

You may apply for an economical subsidy from the municipality if your child attends a private daycare instead of a public one. You will automatically receive a subsidy if you have more than one child attending either a public or a private institution.

How to deregister your child from a private daycare

It is up to the private daycare in question to inform you of the conditions for how to deregister your child.

Your child is not automatically deregistered from a private institution when it reaches a certain age.