Day nurseries employ educated nursery teachers and assistants.

Your child's development, self-worth and well-being is strengthened through play and learning. Typical activities will include playing at the playground, reading, painting, singing, and other creative activities.

Your experience as a parent with your child's habits and routines is an important element in your cooperation with the nursery.

Tell the staff about your child so that together you can ensure that your child thrives and develops both at home and at the nursery. 

Ask the nursery about what a typical day is like and about what your child will need to have a good start at the nursery. 

How to find the day nurseries in Aarhus?

Type in the your address to see the days nurseries near you. You can also type in the name of a day nursery. Click on the icon of the day nursery to read about it at the day nurseries own website (in Danish).