Your child will be looked after by the same person and in the childminder's own home. 

In Aarhus a group of childminders and their children meet for playgroup approximately once a week. Here the children are able to join in various activities with a larger group of children. The care, play and learning strengthen the child's sense of self-worth as well as their linguistic and social development and the development of their motile skills.

If your every day childminder is absent your child can be looked after by a substituting childminder known by the child or by another childminder in the area.

A child who is taken care of by a childminder as of January 2022 must start kindergarten on the first of the month in which the child turns 4. Your child is not guaranteed a place in a kindergarten before that date. 

Where are the childminders in Aarhus located?

Type in the your address to see the childminders near you. Click on the icons to read more about the childminder at the childminders website (in Danish).

Please note that the map may show childminders that are currently on leave.