Volunteering is a corner stone of Danish society. Over 40% of all Danes volunteer on a regular basis.

At this livestream expert guest speakers on volunteering will guide you on the benefits of volunteering, which types of volunteer jobs there are and where to find them.

Would you like to do social volunteering to improve the lives of others or what about volunteering at big cultural events that will leave both you and other participants with great experiences?

Be inspired and get to know your possiblities, as we have invited two major players when it comes to volunteering in Aarhus - Visit Aarhus ReThinkers and Volunteer Center Aarhus. 

As a ReThinker you become part of a great community of volunteers at the major events in the city while the Volunteer Center Aarhus can connect you with a wide network of non-profit organizations in Aarhus which need volunteers to help them with various kinds of social projects.

Guest speakers are: 

  • Jens Blirup from Visit Aarhus' volunteer program ReThinkers. 
  • Kelly Aagaard from Frivilligcenter Aarhus (Volunteer Center Aarhus). 

Our guest experts will take any question you may have about volunteering in Denmark. 

The event is free to attend, and you can join from the comfort of your own living room.

Organized by: The City of Aarhus, International Community and Aarhus University International Club