Choosing your child's school is a big decision. At this event, you will get valuable insight into the school options in Aarhus so that you can compare and make a qualified choice. You will meet representatives from:

  • The Danish public school (Folkeskole)
  • Reception classes (which your child must attend before a regular class in a Danish public school if your child has little or no knowledge of Danish)
  • Aarhus International School (International Baccalaureate-certified)
  • Kochs International (Cambridge and Danish curriculum)

The event is a livestream so that you may attend from home and also if you have not yet relocated to Aarhus.

It is free to attend, but sign-up is mandatory. Please sign up for each person separately.

We look forward to seeing you!

Organized by: The City of Aarhus and International Community. In cooperation with Aarhus University